Water Quality Sampling

Beginning in 1999, participants in the Upper Iowa River Watershed Alliance have monitored water quality at sites across the Upper Iowa River watershed. On one day of each month, from April through November, volunteers sample water quality at several locations along the main branch of the Upper Iowa River, and at locations along 27 tributaries. All samples are collected during a 7-9 hour span, and water samples are sent to the State Hygienic Lab for analysis. The lab analyzes the water for concentrations of Ammonia Nitrogen as N, E. Coli Bacteria, Nitrate + Nitrite Nitrogen as N, and Total Phosphate as P, while field measurements include water temperature, pH, and Transparency.

This data can then be used by landowners, citizens, communities, and resource professionals to better understand the problems in the watershed, find cost-effective ways to to solve water-related problems, and make financial and technical assistance available to public and private landowners when needed.

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